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soft furnishings

Soft furnishings and upholstery

Soft furnishings and upholstery provide the perfect way to contrast and complement a room. We can revamp your sofas, chairs and headboards by upholstering them in your chosen fabric.


We can even upholster your lampshades to any size and in any fabric of your choosing.

Everything we do is entirely bespoke to you and your home

With a vast collection of stunning fabrics available to choose from, our skilled upholsterers work to your bespoke needs to completely transform your home - whether it’s a single room, a particular feature or item of furniture, or even the entire house.

At Tailored Curtains, all of our soft furnishing and upholstery options can be 100% customised to your preferences, with a massive choice of fabrics, patterns and sizes, along with all your accessories such as trims, tassels and borders.


Breathe new life into a tired lampshade and enjoy the remarkable impact this can have on the ambiance of your room.

tailored curtains


Not forgetting those small finishing touches, why not add a decorative trim, fringe or tassel for that authentic finish? Rosettes and button detail can really make your curtains stand out. Decorative trims can also contrast with your cushions, bedding and lampshades, along with a host of rope tieback options and fabrics to choose between. We also can supply tiebacks with rope options and matching fabrics.

Triple award-winning
100% bespoke service
Handmade in London
Lace curtain

Give new life to your furniture and liven any room in your home with our upholstering and soft furnishings service. Talk to us at: 

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