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Corporate curtains for offices and commercial settings

Looking for curtains and drapes that are tailored to your corporate settings? At Tailored Curtains, we are triple-award winning curtain specialists in Greenwich who can design and make bespoke curtains and drapes for any type of office, shop, restaurant or reception. Get in touch to find out more.

Curtains that are both functional and decorative

We are a trusted team of specialist curtain makers that create uniquely tailored soft furnishings, drapes and made-to-measure curtains that can really emphasise your space, make people feel welcome, and create a real sense of style.  We combine function and aesthetics, and we provide a huge range of choice when it comes to fabrics and fittings. 

If you have a commercial or corporate space that needs curtains, why not get in touch? We can offer many different curtain styles and fabrics and we work with you, your needs, your space and your budget in mind. We have previously made curtains for schools, libraries, receptions, and offices and we would be proud to help you revamp your space too! Talk to us about getting made-to-measure curtains for your office or corporate space now!


Getting the balance right with blinds, curtains and drapes

We can design, supply and install both blinds and curtains and we also provide matching accessories, including trims, tassels, and borders. We work with your space and with your customers, clients, and visitors in mind. For example, if you are a school, then a heavier, high-quality drape would be beneficial to block out noise, and create a dark-room for watching videos or a projector screen.  Alternatively, if you are a cafe that wants to block out direct sunlight, while still providing a light, welcoming atmosphere, then a much lighter curtain or blind would suffice. 

The great thing about choosing Tailored Curtains, in Greenwich, is that we help design your curtains for you. We can take care of all measuring and fitting and we even supply the curtain poles and tracks that are best suited to your needs. All of our curtains are machine made, which makes them affordable and accessible up to 30% quicker than hand-made curtains! Get in touch to find out more or request a quote today!

Triple award-winning
100% bespoke service
Handmade in London
Lace curtain

Talk to our team about transforming your space with corporate curtains for offices, schools and more! Email:

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