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contemporary curtains

Contemporary and traditional curtain and blind designs

Your home deserves window dressings that are as unique as they are flawlessly chic. That’s why we observe a meticulous level of detail in everything we do.

Every curtain design starts out with a few basic elements…

Of course, we’ll be starting off by discussing the look and feel you want to go for, whether you’re looking to match your existing décor or go for something totally bold and audacious. But if you are wondering about the technical terms, we’ve broken down some of the key elements that will be working together to create the perfect curtain design for your home. Why not go for an interlined curtain to give that extra layer of warmth and help bring down those energy bills?

All of our curtain options can be 100% customised to your preferences, with an impressive choice of fabrics, patterns, sizes, and accessories such as trims, tassels and borders.


There are a variety of curtain headings to finish your curtains. Some headings work better than others at different times, but it all depends on the situation. Some are highly decorative, whilst others are surprisingly simple. Some convey a traditional look and others a contemporary look. To name a few:

Breaking down your options when it comes to window blinds…

Offering great levels of light control and a clean, contemporary aesthetic that’s both practical and stylish, blinds are an excellent alternative to curtains. Everything we offer when it comes to window blinds can be completely customised to your needs, with a massive choice of fabrics, patterns, sizes, and accessories such as trims, tassels and borders.

Blackout Blinds

Roman blinds can be accompanied by curtains and give off a contemporary look. A very practical option, they will transform any window. Whilst closed, they form a smooth layer of fabric covering the entire area of your window (usually made with blackout lining to block out the early morning sunrise). Sheer Romans for privacy and blackout Romans are both handmade to measure.

Roller blinds are perfect for light control, allowing you with one simple operation to shut out the sun’s glare or achieve extra privacy, depending on your needs. Roller blinds are available as sheer and blackout options. We can adapt your roller blinds to be child safe for those who have children in the home.

Laminated rollers are also available; you choose your fabric and we then laminate onto a roller blind.

Blackout Blinds

Roller Blinds

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Lace curtain

Dare to be bold. Dare to be different. Drop us a message and let’s start the process of designing your home’s new luxury curtains and blinds. Email:

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