We offer lined and interlined blackout curtains with various headings
Curtain Headings

Pencil pleat

Classic pencil pleat heading is formed by the way in which the material is scrunched together to form this full gathered heading.

Goblet pleat

Goblet pleat is similar to pinch pleat and pleated to fit your track or pole exactly. This heading is a fixed width and provides a stylish look to any room.

Pinch pleat

As goblet pleat, pinch pleat is also a fixed width and with slightly more detail also gives a very stylish tailored finish.

Double pleat

Double pleat heading gives a more contemporary look and provides the similar flow of regular pinch pleat.


Eyelet curtains gives an elegant finish to any room with straight defined folds which sit on a pole of your choice,

Wave Heading

Whilst resembling the look of eyelet, wave heading gathers the curtain fabric into much softer folds, giving that laid back atmosphere.
Swags & Tails


For the more traditional look , swags and tails give the most elegant finish to your room. Each swag is separate and tailored for your individual window by pleats or draped to form a totally stunning look.


Tails usually accompany swags either side of your window to finish the style. we can also complete the look with centre tails.

Valances & Pelmets


With an added valance along your window in any style or shape to finish your design.


Pelmets can accompany many window options, whether you want to box in your roman blinds or complete the look with your curtains, we can provide any style or shape that suits your needs.
Roman Blinds
Roman blinds complement any window style or shape, can be accompanied with or without curtains and gives a contemporary look. A very practical option, transforming your window.
Whilst closed forms a smooth layer of fabric covering the area of your window, usually made with blackout lining blocking out the early morning sunrise.